Don't Sacrifice Comfort For Fashion

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Have you ever seen something that was super cute but once you tried it on, it was unbelievably uncomfortable? Wether it was scratchy fabric, to tight, or just simply an uncomfortable fit anything that makes you feel less then your best is just the worst.

How we dress is an extension of ourselves, a way to show off who we are. Wether it is a practical outfit, something to stand out in, or just something to lounge around in - fashion comes in many shapes and forms. How we feel in our clothes determines our confidence. The worst thing as a girl is to feel uncomfortable in the clothes we wear.

I know that I have personally sacrificed my comfort for fashion and I know I am definitely not the only girl in the world who has done this. As girls we sacrifice comfort for almost everything, and even more so as a mom. Wether it is make up, our hair, the shoes we wear, our clothes, and oh so many more things, that I could go on forever on the items that we sacrifice comfort for.

But what if you didn't have to sacrifice your comfort for your fashion. Our dresses are cute and comfy! I know it's true, you can have the best of both worlds. We all know that if we could wear sweats everyday we would, but unfortunately that isn't an option with all we have to get done in a day.

With a Lounge & Liv dress you can get done all you need to in a day, while looking cute and feeling like your simply in a pair of sweats. Also our dresses come with pockets and is there honestly anything better than pockets?!

Check out our dresses, and find the one that can fit your lifestyle perfectly.

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