Our Inspiration


Jess:  Grandma Carma Denice lived in muumuus!  Almost every memory I have of her is seeing her in a big floral gown.  Memories of her flipping pancakes in the kitchen, to scolding my brothers for climbing on the roof.  She was always in her muumuu.  2 years ago, after she passed away, I was able to bring home one of her priceless dresses.  After wearing it day and night, I knew we needed to re-create this!  A modern day muumuu.  Although this is #notyourgrandmasmuumuu, I hope that it's a piece that will be lived in and create lots of memories with those you love.  


Meg:  Grandma Ramona grew up in the Bear Lake Valley during the Great Depression.  She learned at an early age to make due with very little.  She grew up in dresses made from flour sacks.  They were itchy and ugly, and other children made fun of her.  She was determined that her children would have nice things to wear.  She became a master seamstress and would create the most beautiful dresses for my mother and her sister on every holiday!  She was my inspiration when I began sewing for my daughter.  Even today, after each new creation, I swear I can hear her clap her hands and say, "My word! Would you look at that!"


Jess & Meg:

We met on the baseball field.  Little league.  Very serious business for 8 year olds.  Our dogs are besties.  They have playdates while we create!  Jess is a fitness instructor and busy mom of 3 boys and a girl.  Meg is a vocal instructor and also a mom to 3 boys and a girl.  Lounge & Liv was born from our desire to create and assist busy women everywhere with their amazing, full lives.  We can't wait to share L&L with you!